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Sep 22, 2009

Sep 19, 2009

Amirah the Muslim Doll

OMG THE AMIRAH DOLL RETURNS!!!!! So a while back I found this doll named Amirah on Dolls like me. It was perfect, Black, Muslim and sold out. So I wrote the company and they said that they wouldn’t produce it again until they had someone to make the hijabs. Well I guess they found her because as I was looking up party favors for my DD's first birthday party (yes I know I’m planning early) I came across Dolls like me blog (why are they not on my blog roll?) and I saw a post from this month saying the doll is back :-D I am so hype and so broke. But as soon as I get my bills under control I am getting this doll. I know NuNu won’t be able to play with it without ruining it for some years but that is ok. I’ll put it up on a shelf and we can stare at it.

I already know which one I want. I’m getting the dark skin one with curly hair, oh yea. There are multiple reasons for this, my babes hair is super curly and because it is easier to find a straight hair doll. Case n point, I also plan on buying the doll from the doll creation station, and the only Black doll they have has straight hair. So she will have a straight hair and a curly hair doll both Black with different complexions. You gotta love it!!! So you’re thinking your only getting her Black dolls….ummmm probably not, but she has to have a serious Black doll collection before we branch out. Don’t understand why check out A Girls Like Me , matter fact watch it even if you do understand.

LOL I am going to have a collection of Eid gifts for the next 10 years before my babe is 10 months lol. I’m sorry but it’s difficult to find products that promote the values I want to instill in my babe so when you see it you gotta buy it before its sold out, ya know? Let me be more specific their are few Muslim dolls and even fewer Black Muslim dolls. I want my babe to be proud to be Black and proud to be Muslim so the Amirah doll fits the bill. Maybe I should buy more than one in case I have more daughters hmmmmmm

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